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Executive Coaching & Consulting 


Jason R. Thompson

You have big aspirations for your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work! Sometimes knowing the practical steps and the order of those steps to get there can be challenging.


Along with his recent book, Diversity and Inclusion Matters: Tactics and Tools to Inspire Equity and Game-Changing Performance, Jason has been coaching executives, companies and DE&I practitioners to help them develop practical steps for their company's success. 


You can benefit from Jason's more than 25+ years of DE&I successes and failures in leading and building award-winning Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs in a multiple industries, from sports, health care, technology, to higher education. 


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DE&I Coaching & Consulting

Jason approaches diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) with a data-based lens focused on actionable steps and tangible results. He takes his real-world expertise, and 25+ years of first-hand experience building award-winning DEI programs to empower companies to achieve on DE&I. Jason has lead and start multiple companies DE&I programs and knows how to take high-level concepts around DE&I like creating an inclusive culture and connects them to the day-to-day tactics of attaining it. Jason understands the importance of being able to show your peers' and stakeholders' when you have achieved goals and objectives. Having someone on your side who has been in the same position and had success is always a winning combination. Jason has been there and done it so you can feel confident knowing you are working with the best. 

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DE&I Speaking

Jason has spoken at conferences such as CES and Grace Hopper, host by He has also been the keynote speaker for Major Univetirsy like Mentor Denver. Jason's personal & professional narrative is intertwined with adversity, triumphs, and an enduring commitment to social progress and justice. From facing death threats to run for student body president and eventually winning and becoming the first-ever back student body president of the Univesity of Wyoming. To have an award name after him at the Univesity Wyoming recognizing his impact and the impact of others on campus who have demonstrated a strong commitment to DEI. To his professional triumphs of seeing his work in the DEI space recognized as the #1 innovation in DEI for his work at the United Olympic & Paralympic committee. Jason continues to strive towards social progress and justice.

DE&I Training & Workshops

Jason's training and workshops take his real-world expertise of 25+ years of the first-hand experience to create powerful and impactful sessions. Jason covers and sparks conversations around tough subjects and helps people learn how to navigate these interactions and embrace the tension. Jason incorporates practical tools, and skills attendance can use to change their own implicit bias, facilitate conversations, and make a lasting impact. 

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