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Tactics and Tools to Inspire Equity and 
Game-Changing Performance

Jason R. Thompson's Book Diversity and Inclusion Matters

In Diversity and Inclusion Matters: Tactics and Tools to Inspire Equity and Game-Changing Performance, award winning diversity leader, Jason R. Thompson, delivers a groundbreaking and hands-on roadmap of how to build and implement a leading diversity program that achieves its goals and creates organization change.


The book walks readers through weekly, and even daily, tactics to build an effective DE&I program. The pratical and concrete steps are accompanied by: 

  • What data to collect

  • What metrics to measure

  • How to best analyze and present the data

  • How to choose effective and achievable diversity and inclusion goals based on the data to better maximize current resources 

  • How to measure the impact of programs implemented 


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“DE&I has been on the forefront of business as a differentiator, and yet, there are almost no practical, real-world examples of how to implement an effective program. Jason knocks it out of the park with Diversity and Inclusion Matters. This is the textbook and daily handbook that companies should be looking to for guidance on effective DE&I programs.”

D.A. ABRAMS, CAE, President, Black Tennis Hall of Fame; author; C-Suite Executive; Global DEI Strategist

Casual Business Meeting

This book came highly recommended from my peer group so of course I had to see what the buzz was about. It did not disappoint! I didn’t know I needed Jason-isms until I read them. Provides a beautiful foundation for my own growth and reference points I can easily recall when aiding others in their growth. Absolutely perfect book for anyone in the DEI space or anyone just looking to gain a better understanding of the methods that have proven successful for DEI programs. I also gifted it to a few of my coworkers who gave glowing feedback as well.

AJ, Customer Review, Amazon

Team Building Session

Jason's expertise in the DE&I landscape is innovative  and transformative. His methods have proven successful in sports/entertainment, technology, higher education, and healthcare. Readers will understand the fundamentals of DE&I as well as tested, measurable, scalable, and replicable tactics to promote inclusivity in any industry." 

-Talia Mark Brookshire, Olympic Sports; Higher Ed Diversity Executive

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