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Diversity and Inclusion Matters:
Tactics and Tools to Inspire Equity and 
Game-Changing Performance

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“DE&I has been on the forefront of business as a differentiator, and yet, there are almost no practical, real-world examples of how to implement an effective program. Jason knocks it out of the park with Diversity and Inclusion Matters. This is the textbook and daily handbook that companies should be looking to for guidance on effective DE&I programs.”

D.A. ABRAMS, CAE, President, Black Tennis Hall of Fame; author; C-Suite Executive; Global DEI Strategist

“The continued drive towards DE&I in health care is an imperative to our success and future. Jason always impresses with his unique approach and practical applications. His insights allow you to tailor a DE&I program that aligns with your company’s culture. This book is an excellent tool for your team!”

Avilla Williams, Vice President Clinical Services, Integris Health


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